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Imagine V1.1.0 is here - Now with Typescript support

José Miguel Romero Espitia

Frameworks Research Engineer

What is new in Imagine?

Our goal at Imagine has always been to make the life of developers easier by creating a useful tool that generates well-written, clean code for the most used languages and frameworks out there. After our first release we received a lot of awesome feedback from developers all over the world, and one of the things that stood out the most was the request to add Typescript support.

Well, after a lot of work over the past month we have finally added it and it's ready for you to use in real world projects!

With our v1.1.0 release now you can generate Node code using Typescript as easy as always through our intuitive UI, just select Typescript in the frameworks section, and you'll be ready to create your project using the best practices with our cutting-edge project starter.

Support for Typescript

These are the features of our V1.1's Node generator:

  • A minimum of 1000 lines of clean Typescript and settings code autogenerated from your spec. The amount of generated code depends on the number of models and relations you define, but it's ensured to be a clean codebase that you can easily download, run and update.

  • You can select between TypeORM or Sequelize in the ORM section.

  • You can select between SQLite, Postgres and MySQL as your database.

  • Safe models and relations definition using our intuitive UI.

  • REST APIs generation for each of your defined models using Express. With out of the box request validation using express-validation.

  • Graphql APIs generation for each of your defined models using Express Graphql (for Sequelize) and TypeGraphQL (for TypeORM).

  • Swagger generation for the defined REST API. You can try it directly from our UI!

  • Complete Docker and Docker Compose support for all possible configurations.

  • You can select between NPM and Yarn as your package manager

  • Linting support using ESLint. You can select between google, airbnb and standard for your configurations.

  • Admin Bro support for straightforward data management. You can try it directly from our UI!

  • Well architected project structure that makes it really easy to extend the codebase to fit all your requirements and your business logic.

We'll also add in the future much more awesome features to our platform, and have the following possibilities in our roadmap:

Backend features:

  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB)
  • Support for migrations
  • Kubernetes deployment scripts
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Authentication (via multiple providers)
  • Payments integration (via multiple providers)

Frontend frameworks:

  • React (incl Redux, Hooks)
  • React native

Frontend features:

  • API calling
  • Views & components
  • Storybooks

We hope you find Imagine useful. Join our Slack and Discord communities to share your feedback and be the first to know about new releases and updates in our platform.