Imagine overview

What is Imagine?

“Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it.” - Donald Knuth

At Imagine, we believe that building software should be a thing of beauty. We are building a SmartCompiler:

  • that will allow you as an app developer to generate high-quality, editable boilerplate code,
  • for various code domains in an app,
  • in any backend or frontend framework of your choice,
  • with auto-generated extensive test coverage, logging, documentation, and deep analytics,
  • ALL from a simple config file that you writes in Imagine's easy, intutive syntax.

You can see how our SmartCompiler works at a high level, check out our functionality summary of our current V1 release as well as upcoming functionality, and also get an overview of our documentation.

How does our SmartCompiler work?

  1. First, you install our SmartCompiler on your machine using an npm package manager.
  2. You then create an empty Django app on your machine.
  3. Next, you select your app settings and express your app specifications in our .im config file using Imagine's simple syntax.
  4. You then compile and run our SmartCompiler, which translates our converts our .im config file containing your specs into production-ready Django code.
  5. The code generated using SmartCompiler is pre-instrumented allowing all our generated code to have 100% code coverage, logging, documentation, and deep analytics.
  6. Finally, we don't have any lock-ins, so the output code you generate using SmartCompiler is 100% editable by you.

Our functionality map

A high-level summary of the functionality that our current V1 supports, as well as additional functionality that we plan to release in upcoming versions in the coming weeks.

FunctionalityImagine V1 (current version)Coming soon
framework coverage+ backend: django

+ backend: node, flask
+ frontend: react
+ mobile: reactnative
data model+ define an app's data model
+ many to one relationship
+ many to many relationships
storage+ databases sqlite3, mysql, postgresql

+ cloud storage s3

API+ backend: API handling
+ formats: RestAPI, graphQL
+ frontend: API calling
+ formats: fastAPI
authentication+ backend: add permissions
additional modules+ tests: 100% unit and end-to-end test
coverage for generated code

+ authentication (with support for
multiple providers e.g. Auth0, Okta,
gAuth etc.)
+ views
+ actions
+ logging
+ analytics
+ documentation